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This is a collection of extensions for Inkscape to import/export
therion *.th2 files and to annotate elements within Inkscape
prior to export.


 * Inkscape since 0.47 (
 * Therion (


 Place the files (*.py and *.inx) into the Inkscape extensions
 folder. This is probably similar to one of these:

    %APPDATA%\Inkscape\extensions (user only)
    %ProgramFiles%\Inkscape\share\extensions (global, recommended)

    ~/.config/inkscape/extensions (user only, since 0.47)
    /usr/share/inkscape/extensions (global)

    /Applications/ (global)


    Select some objects on canvas. Go to "Effects > Therion > Set
    Properties...". If you chose Role=Point for some path the boundig box
    center will become the point coordinates. You can export text as Point
    label (default), station-name, dimensions, height, passage-height,
    altitude and date.

    Open your SVG file with inkscape. Go to "File > Save a Copy..." and choose
    "Therion 2D (*.th2)" as file type. If you have previously imported that
    drawing from a th2 file, scraps became separate layers and you probably
    want "Layers as Scraps" and "Disable Path Effects" to be true.

    Just open some th2 file with Inkscape.


  Lines can change their subtype at any point, this is not compatible with
  the SVG data structure and the way how Inkscape handles paths. The import
  plugin marks lines with such unsupported features as read-only and should
  export them again correct.